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The Chab Talab dates to 1903 and was built during the reign of Maharaja Siddharaj Jaisingh. The Chab Talab for ages was a tourist destination and recreational spot. However, over the years due to negligence and improper care, the talab lost its beauty. 

The Chab Talab Rejuvenation project was undertaken by BVG under the Dahod Smart City Development Initiative.

The Chab Talab Rejuvenation project was undertaken by BVG under the Dahod Smart City Development Initiative.

  • Chab Talab lost its charm due to improper management and lack of attention from the administration.
  • Became more of a solid waste dumpsite and nuisance point for felonious and criminal activities 
  • Lots of encroachments were created by the people inside and around the lake.
  • The water-retaining capacity of the lake is also reduced due to silting.
  • BVG undertook Construction of sewerage treatment plant along with the aerators and duckweed removal
  • We developed a dedicated cycle track and walking track, open gym, and children’s play areas
  • We Implemented dredging work to remove accumulated sludge to enhance the water retention capacity of the lake 
  • BVG implemented rooftop solar system over the walkway to generate green energy

Before After


BVG undertook Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Chab Talab. Along with Facility management, Operations and maintenance for 5 years was awarded to BVG India Limited for Integrated development of the Chab Talab.

Chab Talab's areas developed by BVG

108 Acre Area
CCTV & PA System
Solar System 360 KW
Boating with Jetty
Musical Water Fountain
Surface Aerator
Bio Toilets and E-Toilets
Sculptures and 3D Art Paints
Lawn with Irrigation System
Water Supply and Drainage System
Electrical Work
Food Courts
Cycle Track and Pathway

Other Sustainability Projects

Beach Management and Cleaning

In India 12 important beaches are conferred with internationally recognized Blue Flag Certification

Out of these, the contract to manage 3 Blue Flag beaches is awarded to BVG:

The Golden Beach of Puri in Odisha
RadhaNagar Beach, Andaman Nikobar
Rushikonda Beach, Vishakhapatnam

Tree Plantation

BVG India Limited is committed to preserving and maintaining the environment. Till date BVG India Limited has planted and maintained 424056 trees. We have also maintained 996665 Sqm of gardens.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is evident through our quantum of work.

Converting Plastic to Fuel

BVG India Limited through its unique technologies like Pyrolysis, Gasolysis, Gasification, Glycolysis is converting plastic into fuel. This fuel like Oils is used in refineries, lubricant manufacturing and Petro-chemical manufacturing.

BVG is working with Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, where all the plastic waste generated by the city is brought to this conversion plant. The plant converts approximately 1.5 to 2 MT of plastic to fuel which is used in industrial areas.

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