The Inspirational Journey of Our Chairman

Hanmantrao Gaikwad

Founder, Chairman and Managing Director
BVG India Limited.

Renowned as a first-generation social entrepreneur dedicated to Bharat Vikas, Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of BVG India Limited. His journey commenced in October 1972 in Rahimatpur Village, Satara District, Maharashtra.

Despite facing the tragic loss of his father at the age of eighteen, Hanmantrao persevered and completed his engineering degree through the earn-and-learn scheme. Residing in a 100-square-foot room with his schoolteacher mother and cycling 40-50 kilometers daily to pursue his aspirations, Hanmantrao stands as a testament to the belief that no dream is too big or small, as long as one gives their best effort.

At nineteen, he laid the foundation for his ambitions by establishing the social organization Bharat Vikas Pratishthan. Joining Tata Motors Pune as a graduate trainee engineer in 1994, his exceptional work in cost-saving attracted management's attention. Seeking to create job opportunities for the unemployed in his village, Hanmantrao, in 1997, founded BVG as a housekeeping unit with just eight individuals. Today, BVG India Limited stands as India's largest socio-commercial organization, generating employment for over 60,000 people and indirectly providing livelihoods for more than 20,000.

Hanmantrao pioneered the mechanized housekeeping/facility management industry in India, evident in the numerous accomplishments of BVG India Limited. His ambitious goal is to positively impact 10 crore lives by 2030.

Key Highlights

Generated employment opportunities for over 60,000 unskilled rural youth and empowered 13,000 women with essential skills. Contributed to saving 10 lakh lives and aiding 89 lakh individuals in medical distress through emergency medical services. Provided emergency police support services to 1 crore 60 lakh people in Madhya Pradesh.

Collaborated with 1 lakh farmers, resulting in a notable 30-100% increase in farm yield, a 30-50% reduction in farm input, and a 60% reduction in animal infertility. Achieved a remarkable 20% increase in milk yield, 2% increase in fat and SNF, and an 80% elimination of farm pests. Demonstrated the successful doubling of farm yield in three crop seasons.

Collaborated with traditional Indian knowledge holders to develop highly effective herbal medicines addressing various disorders, including cancer, obesity, acne, diabetes, liver issues, hair fall, vitiligo, and arthritis. Innovated herbal formulations for rapid wound healing and introduced herbal medicine for cataract removal without surgery.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Recipient of the "Maharashtrian Businessman of the Year" accolade presented by Lokmat Media, bestowed by the Hon'ble President of India.

  • Acknowledged with the "ABP Majha Sanman Award" from ABP Majha News Channel, presented by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

  • Honored with the Maxell Award by Shri Rahul Bajaj and Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar. Featured in Forbes India Magazine.

  • His life story is integrated into the curriculum for standard 10th and Bachelor of Commerce in Maharashtra state.

  • Additionally, his life narrative finds a place in the bestselling book "Connect the Dots" authored by Rashmi Bansal.

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