Civil & Horticulture

A Civil Horticulture division is one of the prestigious department which includes land development, Residential Building , industrial construction, industrial piping, Landscape beautification, Lake beautification, Garden development and maintenance water supply Irrigation

At present we provide Civil Horticulture Services in Maharashtra, Gujrat Assam Tripura. It includes Civil infrastructure residential building, truck terminal, Landscape and Gardening development with Design and Drawing. BVG has experience in Projects of several different Contractual concepts including Engineering, Procurement Contracts i e EPC.

Land Development Infrastructure

Land development is a crucial first step in creating functional spaces. We oversee functional infrastructure, adopt safety and sustainability measures and undertake aesthetic work to create efficient and visually appealing sites. By working hand-in-hand, land development planning and civil work engineering create the foundation for functional, safe, and sustainable. communities

Residential Buildings

BVG India utilizes its expertise in civil and horticulture work to contribute to the maintenance, and beautification of residential buildings via renovation & refurbishment, structural repairs, landscape design & planning, structural repairs, planting and maintenance etc.

Landscape Beautification

Landscape beautification plays a starring role in horticulture transform ordinary spaces into functional and visually pleasing environments. BVG creates Residential Gardens, Public Parks, Commercial Landscaping. By harnessing our knowledge of plants, design principles, and sustainable practices, our horticulturists creates vibrant landscapes that uplift our spirits, enhance our lives, and create a harmonious connection with nature.

Lake Rejuvenation and Beautification

Lakes are vital ecosystems that provide recreational opportunities, habitat for wildlife, and even regulate local climates. However, due to pollution, overuse, and neglect, many lakes become degraded. Lake rejuvenation and beautification projects require a multi-faceted approach. By addressing water quality issues, restoring habitats, and implementing thoughtful beautification strategies, BVG breathes new life into the lakes. These efforts not only create beautiful and inviting public spaces but also promote environmental health and well-being for future generations.

Riverfront Development

Riverfront development projects aim to transform these underutilized spaces into vibrant and sustainable assets for communities. By prioritizing environmental restoration, public access, and economic development, BVG has created vibrant spaces that enhance the quality of life for residents, and promote a connection with the natural world. We undertake activities like revitalization, creating inviting public places, walkways, biking trails, waste management etc promoting recreational opportunities, creating jobs and boosting local revenue.

Water Supply and Irrigation

By implementing a well-planned and monitored approach to irrigation and water supply, our horticulture team ensures the health and beauty of the landscapes or gardens under their care, while promoting water conservation and sustainable practices. Right from site analysis, selection of irrigation systems to their efficiency optimization, regular system checkups and seasonal adjustments, our team takes care of end-to-end irrigation and water supply. management

Garden Development and Maintenance

We are landscape designers who can create a customized plan for your garden. We do Landscape Design and Planning, Civil Work for Gardens spanning grading & levelling the ground, installing walkways, patios, retaining walls to installing irrigation systems. We plat trees, shrubs and design based plants, perform regular maintenance activities like pruning & trimming, disease management, fertilization, seasonal maintenance and cleaning to provide beautiful, well-maintained gardens.

Road Development

BVG India, based on its expertise in civil work, likely plays a significant role in road development projects. We are performing initial activities like land clearing & grading, roadside plantation, building drainage systems to prevent water accumulation and other services.

Industrial Construction and Maintenance

We maintain Warehouses and Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, help create site infrastructure, manage, maintain and guard parking areas, provide energy efficient solutions, waste water treatment solutions and other essential services required to run the industrial set up optimally.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant is a crucial system responsible for treating wastewater generated within a building or facility before releasing it back into the environment or sewer system. BVG ensures regularinspections of the STP to identify any malfunctions or equipment issues, Schedule routine maintenance, and undertake sludge. management.

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