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Manual/Mechanised and Robotic Cleaning

In response to the continually changing hygiene requirements of our urbanized society, mechanized cleaning and maintenance have become crucial facilities. This method minimizes manual labor and effort, ensuring comprehensive cleanliness through the incorporation of intelligent technology. BVG India provides advanced housekeeping and maintenance services to a diverse range of facilities, including commercial complexes, IT parks, hospitals, educational institutions, government offices, hotels, railway stations, roads, malls, and more.

Sanitization Solutions

Maintaining clinical hygiene is of paramount significance to ensure the well-being and safety of patients, staff, and visitors. Recognizing this imperative, BVG India extends its cleaning services to hospitals of diverse scales throughout India. Our approach involves deploying trained and qualified cleaning professionals, utilizing sound-free cleaning equipment, and employing safe cleaning solutions. This meticulous process ensures elevated standards of sanitation and hygiene within healthcare facilities.

Parking Management

The transparency of glass panes and the appearance of building facades significantly contribute to the overall impression of any structure, attracting the attention of passers-by. Maintaining cleanliness not only enhances a company's reputation but also reflects its commitment to hygiene and presentation. BVG India takes pride in employing skilled personnel and high-quality cleaning equipment to ensure the pristine condition of your glass and facades, eliminating dust, dirt, and debris effectively.

Guest Services

For your guest and employee service needs, BVG India offers the provision of professional attendants. Tailored to your requirements, we provide trained, courteous, and polite attendants, allowing you to scale the team as needed.

Production Support

BVG India's Production Support service caters to the workforce needs of manufacturing companies. We offer qualified personnel for a variety of activities, including machine maintenance, tool designing, handling production lines, equipment repair, and more.

Shop Floor Sanitation Services

For various government organizations, corporate manufacturing, and service companies across sectors like IT, retail, and manufacturing, BVG India offers shop floor cleaning services. Our project managers strategically schedule shop floor cleaning days, and our expertly trained team ensures strict adherence to these timetables, consistently upholding the hygiene standards of the shops.

Facility Technical Support

BVG India boasts a dedicated and well-trained team of qualified individuals specializing in technical services. We take on the comprehensive management of facility assets, including Mechanical, Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Systems, Fire control, Firefighting, Critical Engineering, Access Control, CCTV, Utilities, and Infrastructure, offering planned preventive and corrective maintenance support.

Religious Establishment Management

Temples, integral to our country's spiritual fabric, require meticulous upkeep, and BVG India takes pride in fulfilling this rightful duty. We provide high-quality cleaning instruments for maintaining the cleanliness of temple premises and surroundings. Our Temple maintenance services create a clean and hygienic environment, fostering an atmosphere for devotees to worship with peace of mind.

Holistic Facility Management Solutions

Eliminate the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors for various facility management services by choosing BVG India's Integrated Facility Management. This comprehensive service provides access to all facilities under a unified management team, offering cost savings, reduced vendor management efforts, and a complete range of facility management services.

Road Sweeping and Sanitation Services

Well-maintained roads not only reflect the cleanliness of a country but also showcase the progressive mindset of its citizens. BVG India is dedicated to upholding road hygiene, providing qualified teams for road sweeping and cleaning to municipal corporations, councils, and large manufacturing campuses across India. Our utilization of mechanized equipment ensures thorough and extensive cleaning of the roads.

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions

Creating a pest-free environment is essential to prevent the uncontrolled growth of insects and rodents, addressing potential health concerns. BVG India offers Pest Control services that employ eco-friendly pest control, fumigation, and sterilization techniques, ensuring the safety and hygiene of both residential and commercial spaces.

Maintenance Services for Paint Shops

Maintaining cleanliness in paint shops, especially in companies involved in automobile manufacturing and other engineering activities, is crucial. BVG India strives to assist such companies in upholding global hygiene standards through scheduled paint shop cleaning and various utility cleanliness measures. Our advanced machines and tested cleaning solutions guarantee thorough and extensive cleaning of your paint shops.

Life-threatening emergencies demand immediate and decisive action. BVG India understands this criticality and has established a network of dedicated emergency response teams across Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, and expanding rapidly to other regions in India.

Always ready to save lives when every second matters

We specialize in three crucial areas:
Emergency Police Services

BVG India holds the distinction of being the pioneer in offering emergency police services in India. Through collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Police Force, BVG actively supports their rapid response teams as part of the state's Emergency Police Response Support initiative.

Whether it is addressing a riot, responding to a tragic terrorist incident, or managing any other large-scale emergency requiring police intervention, BVG maintains a team of over 1,000 extensively trained, physically resilient, and emotionally stable police personnel. This dedicated team is always prepared to assist the local police force.

Emergency Medical Services

Our medical emergency team comprises over 1,400 fully equipped and well-maintained ambulances and highly qualified and experienced emergency medical personnels. The emergency response helpline 108 created by BVG enables people in need of emergency services to connect instantly with the available response teams.

Our expert teams have handled thousands of individual and mass medical emergencies and helped save several lives through our prompt services. Our efficient human and tech-driven medical emergency service ensures quick response by only asking crucial questions.

Command Control Centre

At BVG India, we understand that every second counts in an emergency. That's why we are committed to providing a comprehensive emergency solution, including a state-of-the-art Command Control Centre. This central hub plays a vital role in optimizing vehicle deployment, ensuring timely intervention, and ultimately, saving lives.

Functionalities of Command Control Centre:
-Call Handling and Dispatch
-Real-time Ambulance Tracking
-Communication Hub
-Data Analysis and Quality Improvement

Solar EPC

Solar Module

Battery Energy Storage

Solar Water Pump

Green Hydrogen

Plastic to Fuel

Utility Solar EPC

1 GW+

Solar Roof
Top Portfolio

8 MW+

Solar Module
Manufacturing Unit

500 MW

Our Strength

Excellent technical know-how in providing Turnkey EPC Solution in Renewable Energy.
Rich experience in executing Solar PV projects at Pan India level maintaining high quality and HSE standards.
Strong Financial Record.
Strength Pillars

BVG India has extensive experience in the fields of Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Project Management in Renewable Energy space, and the company has completed more than 750 MW of Solar EPC projects within the allotted time frame while upholding High Quality standards.




Experienced Solar Professionals


States Presence


Carbon Emission Saved

Engineering & Procurement

Front-end engineering Architectural Design Raw material Procurement Vendor Sourcing Quality checks and Control


Latest Design Software Feasibility Studies Technology & Infrastructure Regulatory Permission Cost Estimation Civil & Electro mechanical design

Construction & Project Management

Planning and scheduling Workforce management Civil Works Equipment supply Structure Fabrications Site Safety Statutory Compliances

Commissioning & O&M

Trial Runs Certifications Grid Connections Safety Protocols Prevention Maintenance Periodical Maintenance Performance Monitoring Fault Analysis

At BVG India, we are dedicated to contributing to our country’s progress towards a brighter future. Within this commitment, our rapidly expanding service sector includes Solid Waste Management. BVG’s Solid Waste Management initiative plays a crucial role in supporting the Swachh Bharat mission, earning trust from the central government, various state governments, municipal corporations, and councils nationwide. Our objective is to establish a hygienic and environmentally friendly environment for future generations.

Initiating our solid waste management endeavors over a decade ago, BVG’s inaugural project involved door-to-door collection of solid waste for the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC).

BVG India has accumulated significant experience and unparalleled expertise in solid waste management. Our services encompass various tasks such as sanitary landfill site capping, Biomining, and processing municipal solid waste in accordance with SWM rules and regulations.

In addition to serving PCMC for nearly a decade, BVG has been selected as the solid waste management partner for several other municipal corporations and councils across India.

Unique Projects:

BVG – UNDP Plastic Waste Management Program at PCMC: As a plastic waste management partner with UNDP for various municipal corporations, BVG handles the collection, segregation, conversion, and sale of recyclables, managing around three tons of plastic waste daily. Our well-equipped and expertly trained teams ensure a safe, clean, and plastic-free environment.

Door-to-Door Collection of Municipal Solid Waste

Our solid waste management teams conduct door-to-door collection and segregation for numerous households. We ensure proper secondary storage and transportation of waste to transfer stations before disposal. Our services extend to cities like Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Meerut, Nagpur, Shirdi, Barshi, Phulambri, Mhaswad, Matheran, and more, with experienced teams handling large volumes of waste.

Mechanized Road Sweeping

BVG India offers mechanized road sweeping services to cities, towns, airports, and industrial premises, covering approximately 600 kilometers daily with trained and dedicated teams.

Scientific Landfilling and Capping of Dumpsite

BVG excels in developing scientific landfill projects with a five-layered system, offering O&M services and systematic capping of old dumpsites.

Solid Waste Processing Plant

BVG specializes in operating solid waste processing plants, providing services such as mechanized composting, plastic to fuel, plastic to granule, and coco brick production. One elite project includes a 500 TPD mechanized composting plant.

Legacy Waste (Old Dumpsite) Biomining

This service involves biomining of legacy waste, including excavation, mechanized processing, segregation, and disposal according to solid waste management guidelines. BVG currently manages two biomining sites in Haryana.

Smart City Project in Gujarat

BVG India has achieved success in spearheading the creation of a Smart City in Gujarat. Our dedicated team navigated through numerous challenging tasks, including design, construction, commissioning, as well as facility management, operation, and maintenance over a five-year period. This encompassed integrated development and rejuvenation of a lake area in a city of Gujarat.

Our clients in this sector predominantly consist of municipal corporations and councils.

Key highlights of this project involve:

Development of various gardens surrounding the lake and STP area.
Establishment of a 4 MLD STP plant.
Creation of pathways and a cycle track.
Construction of efficient water channels.
Implementation of wall retention strategies.
Construction of compound walls.
Establishment of a boating area.
Integration of solar systems.

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