Our tailored facility management solutions elevate guest experiences and operational efficiency. Covering everything from precise housekeeping to HVAC upkeep, waste management, and landscaping, we provide a full range of services for seamless operations and welcoming atmospheres.


Optimize your facility performance with our dedicated solutions

BVG’s comprehensive facility management solutions collectively aim to create a secure, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment for guests while optimizing operational efficiency for hospitality establishments.

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Our Services

Housekeeping Services

Detailed cleaning of guest rooms, public areas, and facilities.
Linen and laundry management for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.
Regular maintenance of furnishings and fixtures.

HVAC Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
Ensuring optimal room temperatures and air quality for guest comfort.
Prompt response to any HVAC issues to maintain a pleasant environment.

Waste Management

Efficient collection, segregation, and disposal of waste to maintain cleanliness.
Implementation of sustainable waste reduction practices.
Recycling initiatives for environmentally responsible waste management.

Landscaping Services

Groundskeeping to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.
Seasonal planting and maintenance of gardens.
Pest control measures to protect the exterior environment.

Laundry Solutions

We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your guests. Crisp linens, fluffy towels, and impeccably laundered amenities are all essential elements in achieving that goal. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of hospitality laundry solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your establishment.

Pantry and F&B Services

In the fast-paced world of Food and Beverage (F&B), a well-functioning pantry and efficient service are the cornerstones of success. At BVG we understand the importance of streamlining back-of-house operations to ensure a seamless dining experience for your guests.

Kitchen Stewarding Solutions

A spotless kitchen is not just about aesthetics; it’s the foundation of a safe and efficient foodservice environment. At BVG we understand the critical role kitchen stewarding plays in your operation. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions designed to streamline your back-of-house tasks and ensure the highest hygiene standards.

Energy Management

Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption.
Implementation of energy-efficient technologies and practices.
Cost-effective solutions to reduce energy expenses.

Technical Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of technical equipment.
Timely repairs and upgrades to prevent operational disruptions.
Compliance with safety standards for all technical systems.

Emergency Response Planning

Development and implementation of emergency preparedness plans.
Staff training for efficient response to emergencies.
Regular drills to ensure readiness for various scenarios.

Front Desk Support

Customer service support for guests.
Assistance with check-ins, reservations, and inquiries.
Ensuring a positive and welcoming experience for guests.

Pest Control

Implementation of pest prevention measures.
Regular inspections to identify and address potential pest issues.
Use of eco-friendly pest control solutions to maintain a safe environment.

Store Room Services

A well-organized storeroom is essential for any business. It ensures you have the necessary supplies readily available, minimizes clutter, and ultimately saves you time and money. We offer a comprehensive range of storeroom services designed to optimize your storage space and streamline your operations.

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