Waste Management

At BVG, we deliver efficient solid waste management solutions that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

At BVG India, we are dedicated to contributing to our country’s progress towards a brighter future. Within this commitment, our rapidly expanding service sector includes Solid Waste Management. BVG’s Solid Waste Management initiative plays a crucial role in supporting the Swachh Bharat mission, earning trust from the central government, various state governments, municipal corporations, and councils nationwide. Our objective is to establish a hygienic and environmentally friendly environment for future generations.

Initiating our solid waste management endeavors over a decade ago, BVG’s inaugural project involved door-to-door collection of solid waste for the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC).

BVG India has accumulated significant experience and unparalleled expertise in solid waste management. Our services encompass various tasks such as sanitary landfill site capping, Biomining, and processing municipal solid waste in accordance with SWM rules and regulations.

In addition to serving PCMC for nearly a decade, BVG has been selected as the solid waste management partner for several other municipal corporations and councils across India.

Unique Projects:

BVG – UNDP Plastic Waste Management Program at PCMC: As a plastic waste management partner with UNDP for various municipal corporations, BVG handles the collection, segregation, conversion, and sale of recyclables, managing around three tons of plastic waste daily. Our well-equipped and expertly trained teams ensure a safe, clean, and plastic-free environment.

Door-to-Door Collection of Municipal Solid Waste

Our solid waste management teams conduct door-to-door collection and segregation for numerous households. We ensure proper secondary storage and transportation of waste to transfer stations before disposal. Our services extend to cities like Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Meerut, Nagpur, Shirdi, Barshi, Phulambri, Mhaswad, Matheran, and more, with experienced teams handling large volumes of waste.

Mechanized Road Sweeping

BVG India offers mechanized road sweeping services to cities, towns, airports, and industrial premises, covering approximately 600 kilometers daily with trained and dedicated teams.

Scientific Landfilling and Capping of Dumpsite

BVG excels in developing scientific landfill projects with a five-layered system, offering O&M services and systematic capping of old dumpsites.

Solid Waste Processing Plant

BVG specializes in operating solid waste processing plants, providing services such as mechanized composting, plastic to fuel, plastic to granule, and coco brick production. One elite project includes a 500 TPD mechanized composting plant.

Legacy Waste (Old Dumpsite) Biomining

This service involves biomining of legacy waste, including excavation, mechanized processing, segregation, and disposal according to solid waste management guidelines. BVG currently manages two biomining sites in Haryana.

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