Mechanical Parking

Innovations in Urban Parking

Mechanical Parking Systems have emerged as a game-changer in urban planning and space management.
These systems offer innovative solutions for parking challenges, particularly in densely populated areas
where space is at a premium. BVG India, at the forefront of this revolution, offers a range of automated
and mechanical parking systems, each designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the spatial footprint.

Stack Parking

This system is a simple yet effective solution for doubling or tripling parking capacity. It involves a series

Pit-Stack Parking

An extension of the stack system, pit-stack parking utilizes a pit to increase parking capacity without

Puzzle Parking

Puzzle parking is a highly versatile and scalable system. It consists of a combination of movable platforms

Tower Parking

Tower parking systems take vertical parking to new heights. These are standalone structures where cars are

Circular Parking

A remarkable innovation, circular parking is designed to hold a large number of vehicles in a relatively

All these systems are integrated with advanced technologies for automation, ensuring that parking and retrieval of vehicles are quick and hassle-free. They are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and are designed for ease of maintenance.

In summary, BVG India’s range of mechanical parking systems showcases how innovative engineering can effectively address urban parking challenges. From stack and pit-stack systems for moderate needs to puzzle, tower, and circular parking for high-density requirements, these systems offer scalable, efficient, and space-saving solutions for the ever-growing demand for urban parking space.

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