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Explore the exceptional stories of the people at BVG India Ltd, embodying excellence and driving positive change across industries.

At BVG, we understand that our greatest asset isn’t our industry expertise or service offerings – it’s our people. We believe in fostering a work environment that empowers individuals to take ownership, think creatively, and make a real difference in the world. We enable our people to take charge and put utmost trust in their abilities setting them up for success!

Mr. Sandip Vilas Shinde

From Housekeeping to Deputy Manager: Sandip's Inspiring Journey at BVG

Sandip’s story is a testament to the transformative power of opportunity and empowerment at BVG. Hailing from a remote village in Satara district, Maharashtra, Sandip first learned about BVG in 2005. Inspired by the fact that our chairman shared his roots, Sandip felt a strong connection to our company’s mission.

His journey began as a housekeeping staff member at a hospital site. But Sandip’s potential didn’t go unnoticed. Through BVG’s commitment to training and upskilling, he was given the chance to learn and grow. His dedication and hard work shone through, leading him to multiple opportunities to make a real difference.

Today, Sandip stands tall as a Deputy Manager, overseeing multiple sites at BVG. His remarkable journey from housekeeping staff to leadership is a shining example of how BVG empowers its people to achieve their full potential. We are incredibly proud of Sandip and the positive impact he continues to make.

Krushna’s journey at BVG exemplifies the power of opportunity and dedication. Hailing from a remote village with limited prospects, employment seemed like a distant dream. But a chance encounter with our chairman, Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad, changed everything. Krishna’s confidence and abilities impressed Mr. Gaikwad, leading him to offer an opportunity as a housekeeping executive at BVG.

Krushna grabbed this chance with both hands. He poured his heart into his work, consistently exceeding expectations. His dedication didn’t go unnoticed. Today, Krushna stands proud as a Senior Supervisor, overseeing multiple BVG sites. He’s not just a leader; he’s an inspiration to his colleagues. Krushna instills a sense of pride in their work, fostering a collaborative environment.

Krushna firmly believes that BVG has been instrumental in his success story. This belief reflects BVG’s core value of putting its people first. He imparts valuable wisdom to his younger colleagues, urging them to give their all and work together to achieve even greater heights.

Krushna’s story is truly inspiring. He’s a shining example of how BVG empowers individuals to reach their full potential. We are incredibly proud to have him as part of our BVG family.

Mr. Krushna Shivram Pawar

From Rural Roots to Inspiring Leader: Krushna's Story at BVG

Rinat's Visionary Role at BVG India Ltd

Meet Rinat, the dynamic force behind BVG India Ltd’s groundbreaking initiatives. With 22 years in defense forces, she brings unmatched expertise to diverse sectors. Rinat’s prowess in securing prestigious clients and spearheading impactful change redefines success for the company. Her courage, honed through Special self-defense – Krav Maga, drives initiatives like Nirbhaya: Be fearless for a safer India. Rinat’s indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication make her an indispensable asset to the BVG team.

Suhas Mane: Building Strong Teams and Client Relationships at BVG

Career journey and achievements
Since joining BVG in 2003, Suhas Mane has experienced remarkable self-growth. He led a complex tree plantation project for a major Indian automobile company, despite lacking prior experience. Overcoming challenges, including resistance from local authorities, Suhas’s determination ensured project success, securing the client’s trust.

Vikas Bhosale: A humble beginning, a soaring journey

In 1997, Vikas Bhosale joined Bharat Vikas Pratishthan, kickstarting a journey that transformed BVG and India’s facility management landscape. They selected 60-70 young talents, nurturing them beyond training to instill values like dedication and pride. Facing challenges, including a significant accident, Vikas and his team transitioned from workers to managers. Their breakthrough came with a paint shop project at Tata Motors, showcasing their patented deep cleaning technology and commitment to excellence.

Vipen Tickoo: From insurance sales to airport hero

Vipen Tickoo’s career path had its twists. While studying engineering in 2008, he unexpectedly found himself selling insurance in a small town. A fortuitous meeting led to an interview at BVG, where they saw potential beyond his resume. With Subodh Watve’s support, BVG kept the placement drive open, setting Vipen on a transformative path.

Starting as a Marketing Manager, Vipen balanced work and studies, eventually graduating while excelling in his role. Advancing to GM Operations, he led diverse projects in Jalgaon and Bhopal, gaining crucial operational insights.

Nilesh Bhosale: From management trainee to facility management maverick

In 2007, Nilesh Bhosale joined BVG as a Management Trainee Officer, one of 19 new recruits, with a focus on sales. He quickly mastered proposal crafting, surveys, and tenders, securing a major contract with crore-level monthly billing.

Through practice, Nilesh achieved rapid tender completion in under 3 hours, showcasing his multitasking and interpersonal skills. His efficiency propelled him from sales to operations.

Kiran Yadav: From buffalo shed to backbone of BVG

Kiran Yadav’s BVG journey started in 1998 with a two-person team managing operations in a buffalo shed. Now, his team plays a key role in BVG’s nationwide operations, efficiently handling tenders, documents, and cost control. They’ve streamlined processes to the point where remote budgeting for new sites is straightforward.

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Suhas Mane: Building Strong Teams and Client Relationships at BVG

Career journey and achievements
Since joining BVG in 2003, Suhas Mane has grown immensely, leading significant projects like a tree plantation initiative for a major Indian automobile company. Despite challenges, his determination secured the client’s trust, even without prior experience. Suhas’s team went above and beyond during emergencies, like protecting cars during heavy rain, showcasing a commitment beyond the project’s scope. He values team culture, treating members as family, evident in programs like “Gharkul Yojna” which helped over 80 members achieve homeownership. As BVG’s largest team leader with 7,000 employees, Suhas’s open-door policy fosters trust and proactive problem-solving. His team’s efficiency in filling unexpected staff vacancies demonstrates their client-centric approach. Looking forward, Suhas aims to lead international projects and manage teams of 100,000 employees in line with BVG’s growth vision.

Vikas Bhosale: A humble beginning, a soaring journey

In 1997, Vikas Bhosale’s journey with Bharat Vikas Pratishthan (BVG) began, transforming India’s facility management. He mentored 60-70 talents, fostering dedication and pride. Despite challenges, like a significant 1999 accident, Vikas and team transitioned to adept managers. Their breakthrough at Tata Motors’ paint shop with patented deep cleaning technology led to a 24-year partnership. BVG’s unwavering commitment to excellence saw them pioneer mechanization, invest in top-notch machinery, and prioritize growth, despite obstacles.

Beyond cleaning: A collaborative partnership with an auto giant

At BVG, the partnership with Tata Motors went beyond cleaning to mutual growth. Facing frequent filter replacements, Vikas’s team proposed innovative solutions like extending filter life and optimizing parking. Tata Motors embraced these ideas, leading to increased efficiency, longer-lasting filters, and more parking space. This collaboration underscored BVG’s commitment to innovation and excellence beyond contracts.

Vipen Tickoo: From insurance sales to airport hero

Vipen Tickoo’s career took unexpected paths. After selling insurance while studying engineering, he joined BVG on Subodh Watve’s recommendation. Starting as a Marketing Manager, he balanced work and studies, excelling in GM Operations. His achievements include securing a 5-star hotel client and major contracts with global tech leaders. By 2016, leading Mumbai operations, he shifted to sales in 2020. Today, as Mumbai’s Single Point of Contact for airports, Vipen demonstrates leadership and strategic skills.

Under Vipen, BVG addressed a housekeeping challenge at a Mumbai TB hospital by addressing worker concerns with safety talks and health benefits. They collaborated on infection control, provided masks and supplements, and contained infections while maintaining hospital operations, highlighting BVG’s commitment beyond facility management.

That apart, managing a busy airport with 100,000 daily passengers, BVG streamlined tasks using automation and real-time monitoring. Their data-driven approach ensured quality service, extended to managing 500 bank households and 250 residences with a lean team of 300. Embracing technology, BVG optimized operations across airports and homes.

Vipen Tickoo empowers his team, supporting them through challenges and recognizing their achievements. Seeing hierarchy as a framework, he fosters direct communication with management and cultivates dynamic, adaptable leaders.

Nilesh Bhosale: From management trainee to facility management maverick

In 2007, Nilesh Bhosale joined BVG as a Management Trainee Officer, excelling in sales and securing a crore-level contract. His efficient tender completion led to a shift to operations. Guided by mentors, he led operations at 250 sites, winning the “Best Site in India” award. In Mumbai, Nilesh pioneered departments like pest control. Managing MEMS ambulance services from Aurangabad, he expanded to eight locations. Nilesh also studied facility management in the UK, enhancing expertise in waste management and contract execution.

Building enduring partnerships

At BVG, client relationships evolve into partnerships. Nilesh builds trust by exceeding expectations, often turning clients into friends with a personal touch, reflecting the true BVG spirit.

Taking the helm under pressure

During Nilesh Bhosale’s time in Rudrapur, 22 supervisors staged a strike. Nilesh and his team managed the site, convincing supervisors to return. This taught Nilesh that leadership involves delegating, offering support, and engaging with local influencers for smooth operations, emphasizing unwavering dedication.

Kiran Yadav: From buffalo shed to backbone of BVG

Kiran Yadav began with BVG in 1998, managing operations with a two-person team in a buffalo shed. Now, his team is integral to BVG’s nationwide operations, handling tenders, documents, and cost control efficiently. They’ve streamlined processes, making remote budgeting for new sites straightforward.

Innovation drives success

Kiran’s team spearheaded the “time machine” billing concept, shifting to manpower-based billing for an automotive client, which increased ROI and was adopted across clients, streamlining budget approvals, and ensuring high-profit margins. They optimized fuel costs and worker efficiency, and began in-house production of cleaning supplies, cutting costs, and valuing in-house assets for long-term contracts.

Embracing technology, Kiran’s team transitioned to software-driven revenue collection and collaborated effectively with the new generation. Kiran’s vision for the future emphasizes continuous improvement, ethical operations, proactive compliance, and cost control using centralized software for enhanced access and control.

Facing staffing challenges, the team mobilizes personnel from other locations, advocates for fair wages, and utilizes apprenticeship programs. They also partnered with the Maharashtra government to establish a skills development university for facility management training, aiming to create a skilled workforce and combat unemployment.

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