Special Projects

We feel the special projects we undertake are an opportunity for us to contribute to society and to the nation more significantly and impactfully. To date, we have undertaken and successfully completed special projects such as Smart City development, horticultural projects, environment conservation, etc. across various cities in India. Our clients within this area include municipal corporations and councils.

Smart City Project in Gujarat

BVG India has successfully completed a Smart City in Gujarat. Our project scope included several challenging tasks such as design, construction, commissioning and handing over along with facility management and operation and maintenance for five years for integrated development and rejuvenation of a lake area in a city in Gujarat.

Some of the prominent features of the project include,

Development of various garden around the lake and STP area

Establishment of a 4 MLD STP plant

Development of pathways and cycle track

Construction of proper water channels

Wall retention

Construction of compound walls

Development of boating area

Developing solar systems