About Us

Behind every company, there’s a thought, dream, and a story that constitute its inception, ideologies, and objectives. BVG India was founded around three decades ago with a vision and two socially-inclined goals of developing India and helping the poor and the needy. We aren’t merely a profit-making or a service-based enterprise. Instead, we are a socially responsible and concerned organization aiming to make the world a better place to live through extensive R&D and breakthrough innovations across various essential and critical areas concerning society and the environment.

Although our journey began with smaller facility management projects, we did not confine ourselves to facility management. Over the years, we’ve spread our wings to venture into other areas such as waste management, emergency services, renewable energy, robotic parking systems, etc. Today, we proudly share that we’ve been the housekeeping partners of Rashtrapati Bhavan, Sansad, Supremecourt etc for over a decade and continue to serve it delightfully!

We work on a very straightforward ideology of believing in our capabilities and strengths. Our founder, Mr. Hanmantrao Ramdas Gaikwad, is a visionary Indian citizen who has immense faith and confidence in his team’s capabilities. His haan, karenge! (Translated to yes, we’ll do it!) approach has helped us broaden our service offerings, explore new realms of possibilities, scale new heights and reach the position where we are today. As a result, we are always open to opportunities and serve society to the best of our capacity through our innovative solutions and prompt services.

At BVG India, we take our commitments seriously and work towards delivering the value our clients, stakeholders, and society expects from us. Our technical expertise across various domains, including environment, waste management, facility management, etc., and our objective and vision to contribute to a sustainable future make us a preferred social corporate partner and a promising avenue to invest and believe in. So, let us collaborate, craft a bright future and contribute to India’s endeavors in becoming a developed country!

Our Story

BVG India is a firmly rooted and benevolent organization. Our history can be traced back to 1993, when Mr. Hanmantrao Ramdas Gaikwad, the chairperson and the propelling force of our company, launched Bharat Vikas Pratishthan. The primary motive of Bharat Vikas Pratishthan was to empower rural youngsters by helping them use their skills and services to benefit various companies, earn a living from those skills and pursue their dreams.

Back then, Mr. Gaikwad started with projects with small requirements, the first one of which was Tata Motors (formerly known as TELCO). The visionary wanted to help his village youth find employment and tried to rope them into TELCO for housekeeping. However, that wasn’t possible considering TELCO’s employment policies, which demanded hiring people only through a trust. So, Mr. Gaikwad established Bharat Vikas Pratishthan and got eight people employed in it. This small step and thought proved to be a giant leap for Bharat Vikas Pratishthan!

In 1997, the NGO blossomed into BVG India. This full-fledged company steadily climbed up the success ladder with the help of its excellent services, the ability to undertake various types of projects, and then the yes, we’ll do it approach. Our company’s turnover grew multiple folds YoY, and we kept adding clients from various cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc., to our portfolio, purely through references and recommendations.

2003 proved to be another breakthrough year for BVG India. We won the contract for mechanized cleaning of Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Hon’ble PM’s residence. Later, we also bagged contracts for reputed companies such as Mahindra, Volkswagen, Fiat, Bajaj, Hyundai, Hindustan Level, ONGC, and many others.

Thus, over the years, we’ve grown from strength to strength and have contributed our bit toward the country’s development. Today, we’ve ventured into several other areas such as waste management, emergency services, renewable energy, and many others to enhance our contributions. Currently, we employ over 55,000 people.. We’re sure, under his leadership, we’ll achieve all our objectives and continue making quality contributions to the growth of our country.

Important Milestones

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to and catalyze India’s rapid progress towards being a developed country by 2030. We also envisage social, economic, and ecological empowerment by generating employment for Indian citizens and making India a healthier and better place to live through innovations in the environment sector.

Our Mission

Reach every corner of the country through our comprehensive services and innovations in the field of facility management, environment, agriculture and emergency services.

Our Values

the Best




Talent Pool

People First Approach
“Humanity Ahead”

Core Strengths

● Experienced,Qualified and Dedicated Team Members

● Visionary Management Team and Advisory Board

● Approach that Puts Nation First!

● Yes, We’ll Do It Attitude

● Value-Driven Services and Sustainable Solutions

● Nationwide Outreach

● Solid Client Trust

● Continual Development and Technology Evolution

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