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BVG Yoddha

In an emergency, you need someone who’ll come to your rescue promptly and help you step out of it. BVG Yoddha is a collection of stories of many such BVG employees who went beyond their call of duty to help people in threatening and challenging situations. The stories signify such people’s acts of kindness, talk about their bravery and dedication towards servicing humankind and describe how they helped people in various situations without caring about themselves. They are our real heroes & ambassador of our tagline & core value - “ Humanity Ahead”

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BVG Momentz

With time, we always cherish our journey & moments. At BVG India, we convert every special moment into a memory. To date, we’ve experienced many such moments and created unforgettable memories. Right from winning awards to earning recognitions, our approach towards excellence has helped us achieve milestones and create moments that we are proud of. Take a look at BVG Momentz, a massive collection of many such moments and memories, which will always remain close to our hearts.

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Awards & Recognitions

Our awards speak about our capabilities, credibility, and track record, which have always remained solid and strengthened over the years. BVG India has been the proud recipient of numerous prestigious awards and recognitions to date. While we delight our clients through our work, we feel elated when our clients recognize our efforts, the urge to serve society and the results we deliver responsibily.

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Skills & Training

At BVG India, we believe in empowerment through training and development. Accordingly, we’ve developed educational programs and have partnered with reputed institutions and universities to provide competent, industry-oriented training to individuals from various stratum of society.

BVG India has introduced India’s first graduate training program in facility management. It is a three-year degree course affiliated with YCMOU. It intends to serve BVG’s need for trained resources and deliver the expected service levels to its clients. The in-house program intends to empower unemployed youth.

The course comprises 16 skill training modules covering every aspect of facility management. After course completion, BVG absorbs students into its ecosystem and offers employment to them in various sectors.

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We have collaborated with Symbiosis as our education partner for various certificate, diploma, degree training programs and conduct workshops. We will conduct various courses jointly within BVG through online & offline promotional events.

First Respondent

BVG India’s First Respondent is a unique medical emergency training program. It aims to help people identify emergency situations, prevent medical emergencies, prevent trauma, provide the required information to 108 and ensure adherence to a few precautionary measures before the ambulance reaches on the spot. Till date, we have trained several people in dealing with medical emergencies, which has, in turn, helped prevent aggravation of the situation, and save many lives.