Brand Ambassador

Padmashree Arunima Sinha

For BVG India Limited

BVG India is proud to have Padmashree Arunima Sinha as its brand ambassador. Arunima is the world’s first female amputee to scale Mt. Everest. Part of her story, although heart-wrenching, epitomizes courage and determination. Hence, we firmly believe, Arunima is the right person, who perfectly represents us across every aspect, such as determination, inherent strength, integrity, and commitment to the country!

While traveling to Delhi in response to a call from CISF, Arunima was attacked by goons. They snatched her bag and threw her out of the train.

Another speeding train from the other side ran over her leg, leaving her immobilized. The locals rushed her to the hospital. It was pretty obvious that anyone who has suffered such a profound psychological and physical impact would give up on life. But Arunima was made of a unique fabric.

She accepted the situation but not her defeat. Later, she became the first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest. However, Mt. Everest isn’t the only mountain she has scaled. As part of her practice and otherwise, she has claimed several mountains across the globe. It includes Mt. Aconcagua, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mount Kosciuszko, Mt Elbrus and many others.

Thus, time and again, Arunima proved what solid willpower, determination, emotional strength, and commitment to self and the country could enable an individual to do. Once again, we are proud of our association with Arunima Sinha. BVG wishes Arunima excellent health and the best of luck for her future endeavors.

Adil Teli


It gives us immense pleasure to introduce Mr. Adil Teli as the brand ambassador of BVG JKEMS (Jammu and Kashmir Emergency Medical Services). Young Adil is passionate about cycling. He is a Guinness book world record holder, who holds the record for the fastest Kashmir to Kanyakumari journey on cycle.

Traveling the 3,600-kilometer route on a cycle was a highly challenging task with several geographical challenges enroute. While combating them, Adil also faced several health issues during the journey. However, his willpower to complete the journey and make it to the Guinness Book of World Record, coupled with his mother’s encouragement, kept fueling his determination and continued strengthening it further.

Thus, the young man from Kashmir completed the journey in only eight days, one hour and 37 minutes!

We are proud to have a face like Adil for JKEMS, who has succeeded after overcoming every challenge and has made it till here after a lot of hard work, persistence and loads of motivation.

Of course, Adil has a long way to go! We thank him for being associated with JKEMS as the project’s brand ambassador and wish him the best of his luck for his future endeavors!