Emergency Response Services

When an emergency strikes, you need someone who responds to you quickly and sends help in the shortest duration possible. At BVG India, we understand the criticality of emergency responses. Accordingly, we have developed emergency response teams that provide assistance, aid and emergency services across multiple situations.

Currently, our outreach includes Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. However, we are rapidly covering other places in India. We cover two crucial areas under our emergency services – emergency police services and emergency medical services. Until now, we’ve assisted nearly eight million people with our emergency response services. In a way, we have contributed to minimizing damage across various forms.

Our medical emergency infrastructure comprises over 1,400 well-equipped and well-maintained ambulances and a highly qualified and experienced emergency medical response team. We created the emergency response helpline 108 to enable people in need of emergency services to connect with the concerned response teams.

To date, we have handled thousands of individual and mass medical emergencies and helped save several lives through our prompt services. We have developed an efficient human and tech-driven organized medical emergency service process that ensures quick response through only essential questions asked.


Until October 2021, we’ve served over 6.5 million across various emergency situations such as, accidents, assaults, burns, cardiac, fall, intoxication/ poisoning, labor pains, shock, mass casualties, medical emergencies, poly trauma, suicide and other situations. The highest ones among these have been medical and labor emergencies.

Jammu and Kashmir

We launched our Medical Emergency Services in Jammu and Kashmir in March, 2020. Our services cover 22 districts in the UTs of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. We cover medical emergencies in Jammu and Kashmir under two projects - 108 and 102. Please take a look at some essential features of both the projects.

Project 108

Fleet of 143 ambulances

1 emergency case handled in about every 10 minutes

24/7 Emergency Response Center

Trained over 1200 professionals, including EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), Pilot (Ambulance Driver), and ERO (Emergency Response Office)

Over 67,000 emergencies served since March 2020 to June 2021

Project 102

A fleet of 300 Patient Transfer Ambulances

24/7 Emergency Response Center

Team of 1100 professionals supporting the project

Over 17,000 cases support from inception to June, 2021

Our emergency response infrastructure involves,

Emergency response contact centers

Qualified human resources – contact staff, coordinators, core emergency handlers, etc.

Well-maintained vehicles such as ambulances, oxygen trucks, etc. for quick services and access

Why Choose BVG India for Emergency Response Services in India?

If you are a local, regional, or state government agency looking for the best emergency response company in India, choose BVG. In addition to the best emergency response services, here are some more reasons that makes us the best.

Solid and effective emergency response presence in four regions of India

Efficient emergency response handling

Courteous, responsive and empathetic emergency handling professionals

Use of the latest communication and emergency handling technologies

End-to-end operations and management

Extensive experience in handling various emergencies

Assistance to nearly 8 million people during emergencies to date

Region by region, we strive hard to develop an extensive, efficient and reliable emergency response infrastructure across India, to serve our people better!

  • Over 67.70 Lakhs Emergency Cases Handled
    Over 37,600 Deliveries Done in Ambulance


  • Over Lakhs Emergency Cases Handled
    Over 'Thousands' of deliveries done in ambulance

    Jammu & Kashmir

  • Over Lakhs Emergency Cases Handled
    Over 'Thousands' of deliveries done in ambulance