We are the facility management, emergency response and special project partners for government agencies and companies from various sectors.


For the automobile sector, we provide the best facility management services across various states in India.


We serve several companies from the pharmaceutical sector with facility management services in various states in India.

Oil & Gas

We offer our advanced and professional facility management services to the oil and gas sector across various states throughout the country.


We cater to various clients from the metal industry with facility management services that help them keep their premise and factory clean.


Our clients from the chemical sector enjoy truly advanced and effective facility management services across various states in the country.


We continue to work with various companies from the FMCG sector as their facility management partner in different states of India.

Healthcare & Hospital

We are the facility management partners for hospitals and companies from healthcare. We provide facility management services to them for various states across India.

Transport (Airports, Metro and Railway Stations)

Our facility management services also cover the various facility management-related needs of airports, metro stations and railway stations throughout the country.

Educational Institutions

We’ve been the proud facility management partners of many reputed educational institutions across the country.

Public and Private Banks

Our clientele also involves many public and private banks and their branches across India. We provide each with the best facility management services.

Residential Complexes

We work with several residential societies across India as their facility management vendor.

Central and State Government Departments Establishments

As an experienced facility management company, we also serve several central and state government department establishments in various states of India.

PSUs and Institutions

Our extensive facility management portfolio also involves working with PSUs and institutions across various states in India.

Emergency Medical & Police Response

BVG India works as the medical emergency partner of various states. Our helpline 108 has helped address many emergency situations promptly. We also serve as the police response partner of police departments.

Solid Waste Management

We have completed many projects and continue to work on several throughout India under our solid waste management umbrella.

Smart City Development Projects

We have participated in the development of Smart City projects in Gujarat and Maharashtra.