BVG is known for its superb execution and the quality of work delivered for its clients. We have received many accolades from our customers.

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BVG handles the housekeeping and maintenance at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS), and we were recently appreciated by the respected Medical Superintendent of this prestigious medical organisation for the housekeeping and levels of cleanliness we maintain.

Appreciation Letter Vineet Chawdhry IAS for Safdarjung Hospital Thumb

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BVG handles the housekeeping and maintenance at Safdarjung Hospital, (VMMC-SJH), one of the largest government hospitals in India. The respected Joint Secretary conveyed to us his appreciation for the work we do at the hospital.


BVG Appreciation for Sewree HospitalBVG was recently awarded the hospital cleaning contract for Sewree TB Hospital in Mumbai. Mumbai Mirror, the most read newspaper in Mumbai of the Times Group, praised BVG in a news report for the exceptional cleaning standards BVG brought in at the hospital. It said…

The Sewree Tuberculosis (TB) Hospital could be an example to follow for public hospitals in the city in terms of cleanliness. Sparkling clean corridors and wards, whitewashed ceilings, scrubbed fans and lights, and wellmaintained washrooms have become a norm at the hospital – the only exclusive medical facility for tuberculosis patients in Asia – at a time when most public hospitals in Mumbai are struggling to maintain even the most basic hygiene standards. Click here to read the full story…


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Lok Sabha Speaker

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The Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha sent a congratulatory letter to CPWD, after being impressed by the cleanliness and upkeep at Vigyan Bhavan. The Respected Chief Engineer wrote to BVG that the standard of upkeep and maintenance that BVG has delivered, is being widely appreciated and recognised! 

Parliament Library

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BVG got the contract for mechanised housekeeping of Parliament Library in 2003, and impressed by the quality of our work, we got bigger work contracts for Parliament House, Parliament House Annexe, Vigyan Bhavan and many other government entities. The Respected Director General, CPWD, sent us an appreciation letter after being impressed with the quality of work delivered by BVG.

PM's Office-House, Hyderabad House and Indira Gandhi Museum

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BVG recently received a letter from Respected Executive Engineer, South Block, who is oversees the work at PM’s office and PM’s House, Hyderabad House and Indira Gandhi Museum. After the work of housekeeping and maintenance was handed over to BVG, there was tremendous improvement in the quality of cleanliness at these locations. That is a great testimony to the quality of work delivered by BVG.


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On 30th July 2014, a huge landslide buried an entire Malin village in Pune District. The 108 Maharashtra Medical Emergency Service, implemented and operated by BVG, received the first distress call, and our teams swiftly responded. Our ambulances were the first to reach the disaster site and our staff displayed amazing dedication in the rescue work. This was appreciated by the Respected Commandant of the 5th Battalion of the National Disaster Response Force.

Vishwas Nangare Patil Mr Vishwas Nangare Patil, IPS Appreciation About BVG's WorkSenior Respected IPS Officer Mr Vishwas Nangare Patil was traveling by Chennai Express from Tirupati to Dadar in Nov 2014. He was immensely surprised to see the clean train and the boys coming frequently to collect garbage and clean the floors of bogeys. The train was being cleaned and maintained by BVG. Mr Nangare Patil spoke to our staff member and wrote about his experience on his Facebook profile.

 Respected Mr Anil Gupta, Renowned Innovator and Professor at IIM-A, wrote about BVG in a Facebook Post

Prof Anil GuptaH.R. Gaikwad, founder of Bharat Vikas Group who started with eight lakh rupees and eight employees in 1997 and today has a turnover of 1400 crores and 45 thousand employees. The first office was in a cattle shed and today he has two offices of more than forty thousand square feet. But this is not what I want to write about. It is also not important that he has earned the privilege of maintaining the facilities in the President’s House, the Prime Minister’s House and Office and numerous other establishments including JSW. What is worth celebrating is the value set of BVG, which has created a situation of almost no attrition of staff and achievement of extraordinary quality in sanitation, waste management, electrical maintenance and erection, landscaping, plant shifting and numerous other services. Half of the Tata Nano plant from Singur to Sanand was shifted by BVG…

Posted by Anil Gupta on Thursday, November 21, 2013