BVG soon ventured into the very critical service of paint shop cleaning. Manufacturing companies, especially auto companies, have a paint shop in which their products are painted. The paint shop is a very critical location for companies. Any speck of dust inside the paint shop can ruin the paint quality and rusting would start on the product soon.paintshop maint

There are standards laid down on the cleanliness and dust free levels to be maintained inside paint shop so that the paint quality is not compromised. Dust is measured in microns and as per the dust free environment standards for paint shop, 25 micron particles should be zero, 10 micron particles should be under 100 and 5 micron particles should be below 300 per cubic metre. Just to understand how difficult is it to maintain such a level of cleanliness, take a 10 feet by 10 feet room, close the doors and windows. Now if you wash this room and vacuum clean it 25 times, and then measure it with a dust counter metre, you will find thousands of 25-micron dust particles, lakhs of 10-micron particles and millions of 5-micron particles.

When Telco set up their new paint shop, BVG took the responsibility to undertake its cleaning and maintenance We also completed that work much better than the expectation of Telco and that too at a lower cost, almost half, than what an international company had quoted, we later came to know.

Today BVG is the undisputed leader in paint shop cleaning and maintenance across India. We clean and maintain all paint shops at Tata Motors, Volkswagen, Mahindra, Bajaj, Hyundai, and other companies. It is a job that requires technique, knowledge and skill, and such a work can be completed only when you have a supreme confluence of all these qualities.