Mr Umesh Mane - Vice Chairman & Joint Managing Director, BVG

Mr Umesh Mane – Vice Chairman & Joint Managing Director, BVG

Mr. Umesh Mane is the co-founder of Bharat Vikas Group. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce and was working in the banking sector before he co-founded BVG with Mr H R Gaikwad. As Vice Chairman & Jt. Managing Director of BVG India Limited, he is responsible for the operation and execution division of the company. With an intensive understanding of client needs and a quest for modern technologies, he handles the entire operations of the company, with utmost perfection.

If you want to know the meaning of a pillar, we have a great example with us. He is not just the Vice Chairman and Jt. MD, but is inspiration personified.

If Mr. H R Gaikwad is the roof of BVG, then Mr. Mane is the central pillar of this company. His mission is to convert the vision of our beloved Chairman into reality. His dream is to make BVG the most preferred services provider worldwide.

Mr. Mane is himself an inspiration for every individual. Every project has its own complexities, but he has his own ideas to execute it successfully. He handles risks carefully and ensures business growth in the right direction.

He thinks about expanding BVG’s services and is ever keen to invest in opportunities. According to him transformation of unorganized business into an organized industry is the toughest challenge before a facilities management company.

Strengthening of supporting departments such as Accounts, Finance, Law, to name a few is an important task which he handles very tactfully. Keeping everyone happy and content is what he defines as his greatest success.

He is an expert in identifying potential in people and equipping them with responsibilities suited to those abilities. Bringing about a harmony between all departments and all segments should be system based and all functions should be automated through the use of technology.