BVG is the pioneer of mechanised housekeeping in India, a unique combination of man & machine to achieve the best results with just right efforts. We offer this service for Industrial Premises, Airports, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, IT Parks, Railways, Metros, Commercial Buildings and Educational Institutions.

Mechanized-housekeeping-41Mechanised Housekeeping and Road Cleaning

Our bouquet of services for our customers comprises the following, along with any other services our customers may need.

  • Paint Shop cleaning conforming to ISO Class 5 – Cleanliness Standard
  • Carpet upholstery maintenance programme
  • Restoration of Marble / Stone flooring
  • Glass and Facade cleaning
  • Machine Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance
  • Pest Control & Fumigation
  • Railway Coach Cleaning (CTS,OBHS, PIT& Platform Cleaning)
  • Metro Cleaning
  • Vehicle Depot Maintenance Services