Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services (MEMS)

Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) is a project of Government of Maharashtra under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and implemented and operated by BVG India Ltd. Citizens across Maharashtra can avail free ambulance in case of any medical emergency by dialing toll free number ‘108’. BVG has implemented a network of around 1000 ambulances across the state of Maharashtra, well equipped with medicines, life saving equipment and a doctor on call 24 X 7.

BVG 108 Ambulance

Emergency is the situation between Life and Death. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a specialized field where emergency healthcare needs are addressed through well-defined care processes by trained EMS professionals. Important aspect of EMS includes early detection of any emergency, immediate response, reporting, on-scene care, en route care and transfer to appropriate hospital.

BVG has set up a state of the art “Emergency Response Centre” (ERC) is developed at Aundh Chest Hospital Pune. ERC operates 24 x 7 and all calls dialed to 108 from across Maharashtra from any mobile or landline, reach the ERC, from where our expert call handlers understand the emergency, connect the patient to the doctor in the ambulance and dispatch the nearest ambulance to rescue the patient. This emergency toll free 108 number also serve as the point of first contact for police and fire related emergencies. Emergency Response Centre Physician (ERCP) provides On-line Medical direction for the doctors on ambulance during emergency calls. ERCPs also provide on-line pre-arrival instructions to the callers or patients if needed.MEMS Call Centre Picture1 copy

There is a network of around 1000 state of the art ambulances operational across Maharashtra capable to provide competent care for the sick or injured in emergency medical situations. All Ambulances manned by BAMS Doctors who are trained to perform in Emergency situations. These EMS professionals will respond to emergency calls, performing medical services and transporting patients to appropriate hospitals as required. All professionals working with MEMS are certified by Symbiosis International University.

Emergency Medical Services professionals are immersed in saving lives in response to a wide variety of emergency medical situations. Duties include quickly assessing and prioritizing patient needs with the goal of providing life support in situations where trauma, respiratory, diabetic, behavioral, cardiac, allergic, poisoning, and childbirth emergency situations might exist.

MEMS Call Centre Picture

Trainings are imparted to all the professionals including Doctors, Pilots (Drivers) and all other ERC personnel. The training centers are equipped with advanced training material, including state of the art infrastructure, simulated manikins and world class equipments. These trained professionals provide calming reassurance to distressed patients, relatives and bystanders prior to and during transportation to hospital’s casualty room.

This service provides 24/7 pre-hospital emergency medical service across the state, especially in the “Golden Hour” during which most fatalities occur.


Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services (MEMS),
BVG India Limited, Emergency Response Center,Aundh Chest Hospital, Aundh Camp,
Aundh – Ravet Rd, Old Sangavi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411027