BVG has always taken an approach to being partners to our customer rather than being a vendor. Bharat Vikas or India’s Progress is the underlying thought of BVG, hence our inherent ethos is to think about the progress of everyone. Hence, we view our customers as partners and also think of their progress whenever we work.

indica-1[1]Some years ago, Telco (now Tata Motors) had recalled about 1 lakh Indica cars to change shock absorbers that had a fault.

There was a question of what to do of the 2 lakh shock absorbers that were replaced in the recalled 1 lakh cars. BVG got the contract to gas cut the shock absorbers and scrap them. We were getting Rs 2 or 3 charge per shock absorber for gas cutting.
After having cut the first couple of shock absorbers, we realised that the hydraulic oil inside the shock absorbers is of excellent quality and can be reused.

car-shock-absorber-250x250[1]We also figured out that if we cut the shock absorber in a particular way, then we could also recover the metal barrel inside and that can also be reused. We carried out the work in this way and recovered the hydraulic oil as well as the metal barrels inside. While BVG got Rs 2 to 3 for gas cutting each shock absorbers, we helped recover materials worth Rs 40 per shock absorbers. So after the work, BVG got paid Rs 6 lakhs, but in return we saved Rs 80 lakh for our customer and partner. Had all these material been scrapped, as how any other normal vendor would do, the company wouldn’t have got even Rs 10 lakh.

After this incident, companies started to view BVG as their partner, who will not only do the assigned work genuinely and with full quality, but would also think of how to maximise value for them.