BVG Agro Safe

Herbal, Nano-Technology Based, All-in-One Crop Protector

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BVG Agro Safe, developed by BVG Life Sciences Ltd, a BVG Group Company, is an all-in-one crop protector that protects all crops from all pests and diseases (viral, fungal and bacterial). It acts by blocking respiration and eroding the protecting structure of the pests and diseases (viral, fungal and bacterial) in a non-mutagenic action. Due to this action, the pest or disease is unable to protect itself and gets eliminated from the farms.

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Being non-mutagenic, the pest or disease cannot develop a resistance to BVG Agro Safe, and with regular application, the occurrences of these pests and diseases (viral, fungal and bacterial) will also reduce. All the chemical pesticides in the market attack the nervous system of the pests and diseases (viral, fungal and bacterial). This is a mutagenic action, because of which the pests or diseases can develop a resistance to the chemicals in some months or years, after which the efficacy and efficiency of the chemicals start reducing.

BVG Agro Safe is a result of almost 15 years of research and development by scientists from India, Canada and US, and over a year of successful field trials across Maharashtra. Based on the results of the trials, the Maharashtra Government has given approval to BVG for sale of BVG Agro Safe across Maharashtra.

BVG Agro Safe is an answer to the growing menace of chemical pesticides across India, as these hazardous chemicals are finding their way into raw, cooked, & processed food, as well as milk and water consumed by humans. This is leading to critical health problems, including cancer, so much so that the train from Punjab that carries cancer patients travelling out for treatment is now called as Cancer Train.

BVG Agro Safe  should be applied along with BVG Agrow Magic with 24 hrs difference between the application of both.

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